Is Java Dead? Java Jobs in 2023


One of the most widely used programming languages in the world is Java, however, there has been some talk about its demise. Java is being used more and more frequently as a language as society shifts toward smartphones and convenience. In the past two years, recruiters placed it as the third most popular language, making it one of the most robust languages we have seen. Examining Java’s status and the demand for Java developers is essential as 2023 draws closer.

What is Java?

The object-oriented, class-based, general-purpose programming language Java was created to have fewer implementation requirements. Millions of devices, including laptops, smartphones, gaming consoles, medical equipment, and many more, employ the object-oriented programming language and software platform known as Java. Java’s syntax and principles are derived from the C and C++ languages.

Advantages of Java: 

Among these concerns are several reasons to believe that Java will be around in 2023. For starters, Java is still a popular programming language in the business world. Large businesses and organizations frequently use Java as the foundation for their infrastructure and applications, therefore they are unlikely to do so anytime soon. Furthermore, Java is an established language with a vast ecosystem of tools and libraries that facilitate the development of complicated applications.

  • Java is object-oriented
  • Java supports functional programming
  • Java prioritizes backward compatibility
  • Java is open source
  • Java is community-driven
  • Java is fast and high-performance
  • Java is easy to learn

What Purposes Does Java Serve?

Even now, Java is widely used across many different industries. Java is being utilized to create complicated technologies, including programming for AI, mobile applications, and other areas. We shall go into the many technical areas that employ Java as a programming language throughout the remainder of this part.

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  • Mobile Application Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Software Development
  • Blockchain Mobile Development
  • Internet of Things
  • Web Development

Mobile Application Development: Since the invention of smartphones, mobile application development has increased rapidly. The three most well-known smartphone app shops today host millions of mobile applications. The Java language is a fantastic option for creating complicated programs with several interfaces because of its nature. Because it is so effective at establishing connections between various devices, it functions well as a programming language for mobile applications.

Web-Based Application: Does anyone still use Java? Without a doubt! Many insurance, education, and health apps are now possible because of their simple coding and great security. It works with many different tools, including Servlets, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, the Apache HTTP web server, Apache Tomcat, Thymeleaf, and many more. You can create any web-based application using these technologies. With the aid of open-source eCommerce systems like Broadleaf, e-commerce web apps also employ this language. Examples of web-based applications that use this language include Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and numerous others.

Big Data Technologies: Big data is a sector of the economy that tracks and reports data for various purposes. Data analytics is widely used by businesses to monitor users, contacts, products, sales, and other factors. Java also makes it simple to develop visualizations so that this data may be presented in a way that is simple to comprehend and absorb. During the past few years, big data has been one of the most talked-about subjects. For Big Data, developers most frequently employ Java, Python, and Scala. Java is also used in one form or another by several other technologies, including Apache Hadoop, Apache Mahout, and Apache Storm. So, it is an excellent choice for Big Data as well.

Mobile Blockchain Development: Throughout time, blockchain sciences have become increasingly popular, partly due to the rise of cryptocurrencies. The earliest application of blockchain technology was to track timestamps on scientific articles, thus it is not just utilized for cryptocurrency. This technique had the advantage of ensuring the accuracy of research paper timestamps and related data through cryptography. Since it has gained so much popularity, blockchain technology is now widely used, even in smartphones. This means that similar to the creation of mobile applications, Java is a fantastic fit for mobile blockchain sciences.

Motives for learning Java

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Strong and Active Community: According to Oracle, there are more than 9 million Java developers worldwide. Any developer will be able to attest to the significant contribution the programming community makes to their continuous education. When you run into trouble, you use Stack Overflow, a programming question-and-answer site. You peruse Github‘s code repositories when you’re curious. Any programming language’s development and success depend on its community of knowledgeable developers. A language just couldn’t live without this system of support. Being a novel and recent phenomenon in human history, software development, the whole body of knowledge is still unestablished. In this sector, mentorship is the primary driver of learning and skill development. To transmit knowledge and create essential skills, the community is crucial.

Beginner-friendly: The languages C and C++, which are still extensively used today, were the ancestors of Java. While Java and C and C++ share some features, Java has developed into a far more user-friendly language. For instance, Java handles many tiresome, sophisticated functions, like memory management and pointers, making it simpler for inexperienced programmers to develop and run. Even the newest Java programmers can begin modeling their environment in code and thinking like programmers thanks to Java’s Object Oriented approach to programming. 

Even novice programs can start working on enterprise projects thanks to object-oriented programming’s ease of maintaining and modifying existing code.Java is sometimes criticized for being verbose and rigid, however, these characteristics can help beginning programmers. Java is checked for faults before execution, thus novice developers are less likely to encounter unidentified runtime errors. Java additionally requires programmers to precisely specify every component of their code, reducing the chance of mistakes as applications expand.

Java is an OOPS Language: Most popular programming languages like Java, C++, C#, Ruby, etc. follow an object-oriented programming paradigm

A programming approach known as “object orientation” is linked to ideas like:

  1. Classes
  2. Objects
  3. Inheritance
  4. Encapsulation
  5. Polymorphism

Declaring classes, creating objects from them, and interacting between these objects are the foundation of an object-based Java application. As an Object Oriented Programming language, Java’s principles are very relatable.

Portable & Versatile: Java is a very adaptable language that is also quite portable. Java can be utilized on a variety of systems, which is what I mean by portable. It is platform-independent across every OS because it is an open-source programming language. You can run Java bytecode on any hardware that supports a conforming JVM, as the company’s catchphrase “Write Once and Run Everywhere” states. As an illustration, you may easily write your code or develop Java programs in a Windows environment and run them in any other environment, such as Linux, etc. The ability to effortlessly interact with various network resources is the next feature. As a result, Java is network-concentric and a language that won’t soon become obsolete.

Secondly, one of the most universal languages is claimed to be Java. There are now numerous causes for it. It contains dynamic coding, which means that all of the codes are arranged and kept in classes, an object-oriented style. It is then quite secure.

Resilience: Java is dependable and steady. This is regarded as one of the most crucial components of the Java Community. Backward compatibility is always prioritized above all else when a new feature is launched. As a result, the most recent OpenJDK release allows for the execution of even an ancient JAR.

This cannot be offered to you by any other platforms. Java version upgrades don’t call for any code modifications. That considerably eases the life of a developer. Numerous businesses have firmly chosen Java as their main language due to the unmatched reliability it offers. They are conscious of the fact that OpenJDK distributions will still support their code for a very long time.

In addition, several institutions and coding boot camps continue to teach Java. Java is a widely used foundational language in computer science degrees, and many boot camps provide Java classes to help students become ready for careers in software development. As a result, there will continue to be a continual influx of fresh Java developers seeking employment.

Thus, how will the job market for Java developers be in 2023? Data from job search platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor show that there is still a high demand for Java developers. Java is frequently ranked among the top programming languages in terms of the demand for jobs and average pay.

Is Java Developer a Good Job in 2023?

Since its inception in 1995, Java has gained popularity, ranking third among the most in-demand programming languages. Despite the rise of more contemporary languages like Kotlin in recent years, which has partly reduced its popularity, it still ranks among the top three.

Java is still performing well on the market after almost 30 years. It’s important to note that this programming language is used by more than 90% of Fortune 500 firms. In turn, the TIOBE index identifies Java as the most widely used programming language globally.

Thus it makes the most sense to pursue a profession as a Java programmer in 2023.


java index

Although the average income for Java developers is substantial, the specific amount is determined by experience, location, and essential abilities. The average base pay for Java developers in the US, as reported by the top job sites, is listed below.

  • Indeed: $109K per year, with a low of $72K and a high of $170K.
  • ZipRecruiter: $108K per year, with a low of $40K and a high of $162K.
  • Payscale: $80K per year, with a low of $55K and a high of $130K.

Java developers are typically divided into three basic tiers: junior, medium, and senior developers, similar to the majority of software development or engineering roles.

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Yet, trainee opportunities are hard to come by and are mostly ever found at big businesses or digital giants. Although not all businesses classify Java developers in this way, it should offer you a general notion of what to anticipate.

Maintaining current knowledge could prove difficult for Java developers in 2023. Some businesses might be looking for engineers with experience in emerging languages like Python and JavaScript as they gain prominence. In order to remain competitive in the employment market, Java developers may need to pick up new abilities or technologies.

To stay abreast of the most recent developments and technology, Java developers can use a variety of tools. In addition to several conferences and user groups where developers may network with other industry experts, there are numerous online tutorials and courses that can assist developers to learn new skills.


Indeed: Java developers have a wide variety of career options available to them as of March 2023 on Indeed, spanning from entry-level to senior roles, while searching for jobs on the Indeed website. Jobs are accessible in a variety of sectors, including technology, e-commerce, healthcare, and finance. Java Developer, Full Stack Java Developer, Java Software Engineer, Java Architect, and Java Programmer are a few of the popular Java job titles. Java programming expertise, familiarity with Java frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, and Struts, and understanding of software development tools like Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA are commonly included as requirements in job descriptions. The job openings for Java developers on the Indeed platform indicate that there is a considerable demand for this skill set in the labor market.

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Glassdoor: On LinkedIn, there are many job openings for Java developers as of March 2023 on Glassdoor. For opportunities ranging from entry-level to senior positions, businesses in a variety of industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and e-commerce, are actively looking for Java developers. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and JPMorgan Chase are a few of the top organizations that are actively seeking Java engineers on LinkedIn. Also, a lot of small and mid-sized businesses are employing Java developers. Software developer, software engineer, full-stack developer, backend developer, and senior Java developer are among the employment categories open to Java developers. For those with Java programming skills, becoming a Java developer is a promising career choice as the demand for Java developers is anticipated to remain high in the upcoming years.

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LinkedIn: Although Java has been used extensively in business applications for many years, there are still lots of chances for developers to work with it. One of the resources that job searchers may use to locate posts for Java-related positions is Glassdoor. Users may find a range of job ads on Glassdoor by searching for “Java Developer,” from entry-level to senior-level opportunities. Also, the portal offers helpful data like the typical Java developer pay, job criteria, business ratings, and interview questions. Glassdoor is a helpful tool for anyone looking for work in the Java programming industry because of its user-friendly layout and thorough job listings.

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For those who are enthusiastic about programming and love working with the Java language, a career as a Java developer in 2023 might be a lucrative option. Many industries continue to use Java, and demand for Java developers is anticipated to remain high in the upcoming years. In addition, the employment market for Java developers provides appealing compensation, chances for professional advancement, and the chance to work in a range of fields including technology, healthcare, and finance. The benefits of a successful career as a Java developer might make it a gratifying and rewarding profession in 2023, despite the fact that the position may demand ongoing learning and stay current with new trends.

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