About Us:

Nowadays, you can find millions of online learning platforms; they all are doing their things. But here we are, where everyone is creating video content, and we prioritize text-based content. The reason is that most net dwellers still prefer text-based content over video content when they are in a hurry.


We now live in such a time when the world is changing rapidly. It’s becoming tough to keep pace with it. We found that most of the time, while people search online, they just need a good skim of the main content. Instead, they get a list of 20 minutes videos thrown at their face, where they only need 10-15 lines of real content. Here we shine. We plan only to do text-based content with proper visualization as we see that it is the most efficient method for learning something.


We initially offer all of our content free of charge. We plan to bring out DevOps, System Administration, Scalable System Design, and Deployment technologies courses. Hopefully, our content will be able to help you in all of your learning upcoming learning endeavors.

Our Mission:

We aspire to live in a future where anybody can make something significant with technology and everyone has access to the necessary learning tools, resources, and chances. Code contains a universe of possibilities; all that is required is curiosity and a desire to learn. We are devoted at Enablegeek to empowering all people, regardless of where they are in their coding journeys, to continue to learn, grow, and succeed in making an impact on the planet. To develop an alternative platform for learners who want to continue and complete courses by participating in online classes, utilizing a team of extremely dedicated educators who will go to any length to transfer knowledge. We seek to provide our learners with the skills they need to progress in their professional lives by employing our world-class team of industry specialists.

What We Offer:

EnableGeek is a place where motivated learners may gain the skills they need, pursue the careers they desire, make the things they want, and live the lives they deserve. Students will be given the opportunity to work on projects that are closely related to real-world situations and will be curated by professionals. These will help students gain experience and build a portfolio for the future. The text-based online courses will be provided by known and established businesses from a variety of industries in order to deliver the greatest quality education and recognition to the people of the world. Our ambition is to expand rapidly while also engaging and educating people.

We offer 2 types of segments. The first one of these is the tutorial. Which is provided absolutely free for everyone to enroll. We have beginner to intermediate or intermediate to advanced level tutorials of various technologies on this platform. And the second one is the full course which is completely text-based. To enroll in all of these courses you have to spend some money within your budget.